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If you are unable to complete the application online you can download the application and return via fax to 954-208-0849 or via email to

We Exist to Support Families in Crisis

The Do More Foundation exists to assist families with financial grants that are walking the journey of dealing with a medically needy or chronically ill child. We also desire to assist families with the costs associated with funeral expenses related to the death of a child. Our desire is to come alongside parents and assist with the expenses that are incurred and not covered by traditional health insurance. Some financial examples of this would be:

  • Assistance with utility/rent bills
  • Assistance with meal expenses while at the hospital
  • Assistance with gas expenses for travel to/from hospitals and/or doctor visits
  • Assistance with non-covered medical expenses
  • Assistance with non-covered supplies that would aid the child in their treatment

There are many unseen costs that a family with a sick child incurs. While health insurance will cover the medical portion, the cost of missed work, meals eaten in a hospital cafeteria, extra gas that is used for trips to and from the hospital, and other expenses that arise.

Being the parents of a medically needy child, we know firsthand the unseen costs and our desire is to assist parents in this area during a time that they need to focus on their child and not the expenses associated with an illness.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. We are not a diagnosis specific organization so we can help children facing anything from cancer to an illness brought on by an accident.

The grants vary from person-to-person based on a variety of factors, including how much grant money is available for distribution.

Yes. We understand that a child’s medical needs often continue creating other financial needs. We welcome a family to apply more than once for a grant.

Yes. Sometimes we are able to work directly with a company to pay an outstanding bill on your behalf.