Don’t miss your chance!

You can make a year-end gift and do more for families that are struggling!

 As I sat around the Christmas tree with my husband and four kids, I thought about the thousands of families that were spending Christmas in a hospital. Many of these families are in hospitals far away from home, friends, and family.

My son recently said to me, “Mom, it seems like a lot of applications you get are for kids who have died.” That is a sad reality. Our mission is to give financial assistance to families that have lost a child and need help paying for funeral expenses. We also give financial assistance to families that have medically needy children. Recently, we have been dealing with a lot of families that are losing their precious children. Some are due to accidents, some are due to a recent illness, and others are due to ongoing medical problems.

As this year draws to a close, we would ask you to prayerfully consider donating. We keep our operating costs extremely low so that the money that is donated can immediately be turned around and sent to waiting families.

Right now, we have over 15 applications waiting for funding. Are you ready to do more? Your gift could help a family pay an electric bill, pay a co-payment, buy gas so they can make the trips to see their child in the hospital, or pay a burial fee for a family that doesn’t want to cremate their child.

Together, we can all do more for others!

Thank you for being part of making a difference in the lives of these families!

Scott & Lori

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