“If you don’t do something with the remains of your baby within ten days, we will have to treat her like medical waste and dispose of it.”

Can you imagine those words being said to a family that just days earlier delivered a stillborn full-term baby?  I was stunned to hear this grieving mom inform me of the hospitals plans.  Just minutes into our phone call I heard, “Do you help people like us?”

When our family delivered Tyler, our son, we were in the same position.  The questions swirled around in our minds.

How did this happen?

What now?

How do we pay for a funeral?

Thank you for donating so this baby and her family can lay her to rest properly.  Thank you for rescuing her parents from being forced to allow the hospital to “dispose of her.”  For years my husband and I have said, “If only we had a foundation, we could help these families.”  This week I told this mom, “Yes, we would absolutely be able to help you memorialize your daughter.”

Doing more…one family at a time.

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