Three Years!

This week we are celebrating our three year anniversary for The Do More Foundation! Three years of helping families with medical expenses and funeral expenses. Three years of trying to do more to make life easier for families that are in need.

I recently heard a business man say, “If you aren’t making a profit in the first three years of business, you have a hobby, not a business.” My first reaction was, “He is right.” And then I thought what that meant to The Do More Foundation and I quickly changed my mind.

Yes, this is a business. Are we profitable?

If the number of employees makes you profitable, then no.

If the number of zero’s on your financial reports makes you profitable, then no.

If profit is determined by the number of families that have reached out and said, “We need help,” and that help was granted, then we are profitable.

If profit is determined by the number of hours people have spent telling others about The Do More Foundation, then we are profitable.

The family that reached out and asked for help after their 15-year-old daughter who had died of cancer thinks we are profitable. As does the family of the 2 month old little girl that was seeking assistance while they started a 4-week hospital stay.

You see, regardless of the number of zero’s on our financial reports, anytime we can ease the burden for just one family, we are profitable!

You can help us celebrate when you register for our upcoming Color Dash. Saturday, September 24, you can join us for our first Color Dash 5K!  We have changed the date.  We have raised over $10,000 from our wonderful sponsors.  Because we want the Color Dash to be just as beneficial for them as it will be for us, we are pushing the date back in order to allow more people to sign up. Registration is open now so why not show your partnership desire and register today for the 5K.  Even if you aren’t a runner, everyone can walk.  You can join in for a lap or two and then sit back and enjoy the festivities!

You can also help us celebrate our 3 year anniversary by donating $3. If everyone comes together, dollar by dollar, we can make a huge difference in the lives of hurting families.

Here’s to the next 3 years!!!

Doing More,

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