It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! During this holiday season, homes are all aglow, bows adorn gifts perfectly placed under the tree and bakers are busy rolling out their holiday’s best treats! Families are now in full swing, planning their holiday get-togethers, which are sure to revolve around delicious food, gifts and laughter. Making memories together is what makes this season so wonderful and bright. For those with a child sick in the hospital though, the season may not be so merry.

Imagine being a parent who has been by your child’s hospital bedside while they have been bravely fighting a disease or an illness. While others are only seeing the world in red, white and green, these parents and children are stuck in the pale light of a hospital room. This is the reality for thousands around the country today. Many of these parents have found themselves in a hospital far from home in order to have the specialized care their child needs, while their spouse is at their permanent residence states away, working and caring for their other children. They will miss out on the opportunity to spend the holidays together as a family. This Christmas, if we find ourselves blessed enough to be surrounded by our loved ones, we could think of those who aren’t and reach out to help.

While we can’t cure a chronically ill child or bridge the distance between families that are spending the holidays apart, we can provide them with a gift. Think for a moment about a gift that brought you great joy at a time that you needed it most. Would you like to join us as we pass on joy this Christmas? We can provide a meal to the bedside parent. We can bring a new art set or a handmade blanket to a child. We can give the family a gas card for travel. We can help them make their mortgage payment. These are examples of some of the gifts The Do More Foundation is giving right now to families in need. One of the reasons The Do More Foundation was started was to provide financial assistance to families found in a situation like this. You may not know someone who needs help, but there are families waiting for YOUR gift. Will you join us today?

Elycia Seagrave
The Do More Foundation Board Member


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