A Special Miracle

A Special Miracle

I want to introduce you to a friend of The Do More Foundation. Meet Miracle and her mom.

Miracle is battling cancer. We were first introduced to this family a couple of years ago when they were referred to us by a social worker at an area hospital. A few weeks ago, we were doing an event at this local hospital. The social worker was so excited to introduce me to Miracle who just happened to be inpatient on that special day! Because the families we help are spread across the United States, it is very rare that we get to meet them.

It was a special treat not only to meet Miracle and her mom but to realize that this precious little girl is still fighting for her life! She isn’t going to let cancer win. I was delivering lunch that day so Miracle’s mom enjoyed a sandwich, but I was also able to do more. I was able to hand her a gift that will do a little something to ease the financial burden she is facing right now.

Each week we are contacted by families just like Miracle’s, that are in need of help. Today is Giving Tuesday. It is a day to give back. It is a day to do more for someone else. If you are like me, you have probably helped some department stores over the last few days while doing some Christmas shopping. Today, you can do more for someone else through your giving.

We are 100% dependent on donations to assist families with the grants we give.  Will you partner with us today and do more by making a donation?

You can look at our gift guide and see how your gift can be used to further the work we are doing with families in need.

Thank you for making it possible for us to help!

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