Your Community Cares

I was contacted recently by a friend of mine that works in law enforcement. He wanted to tell me about a family that needed our services. This family recently lost a two-year-old baby boy. Although this child was born premature and was under medical care, he was stable so the family was shocked when they found him unresponsive. After being transported to the hospital, he was pronounced dead.

Officers from this police department were coming together to find a way for the Grandmother to be able to gather enough funds to make funeral arrangements and have his little body released to a funeral home.

When someone dies, you just assume they will immediately find a funeral home and move forward with services. What we often forget is that takes money. For so many of the families we work with, they don’t have that type of money. That means they cannot move forward with the funeral arrangements until enough funds are gathered. It was touching to me that these law enforcement officers would give of their personal money to impact a family they only knew from a 911 call.

I am happy to report that the community has come together and the funds to help this family have been collected. I wish that was the case for the other families that contact us for assistance. Most of them don’t have a church family or community that can help them through the financial strain that comes with a medically needy child or the death of a child.

Your year-end gift will help us continue to do more for families in need. As you close out 2016 and make decisions on how you can help others, will you consider The Do More Foundation?



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