It’s Back to School Time!

My social media newsfeeds have been blowing up over the last few days with pictures of kids heading back to school.  I can’t believe it is the start of a new school year.  My favorite quote right now is,

“The days are long, but the years are short.”  – Gretchen Rubin

That seems so fitting for this time of year.  When you have a newborn and are not getting any sleep it seems like the days will never end.  The next thing you know, you are sending a child off to college.

My own four kids are anxiously awaiting the first day of school.  The youngest has her school supplies all laid out and organized.  The oldest three aren’t quite as eager.

For many, the start of school is yet another reminder that their life is different right now.  There will be no backpack pictures taken at the school entrance.  There will be no discussions at the dinner table about their day.  No new friends will be made.

These kids are sick.  Their day will be spent receiving chemotherapy or having tests done.  Their home right now may be a Ronald McDonald House.  I want to introduce you to a few of these kids.

  • Rosie * is 17-years-old.  She was diagnosed with a brain tumor when she was four-years-old.  Because of this tumor, she has had lingering problems like uncontrolled seizures.  Rosie has been in the hospital for over three months during this most recent admission.
  • Gage* is a loving five-year-old.  He was born with a rare condition where the brain develops abnormally.  There are many issues related to this diagnosis.  Gage receives care from a ventilator assistance home program as well as continual outpatient therapy.
  • Brody* is a gentle six-year-old.  He was born with a condition known as Vacterl.  This condition affects many parts of the body system.  The most pressing issue for Brody right now is the congenital scoliosis, which is crushing his spine.

These kids will likely recover and get to see the first day of school next year.  But for other families we have helped, that first day of school will never come.  Their children have died this year.  The joys of those firsts will never come.  Instead, they will learn to navigate the deep waters of grief.

These are the families that we are doing more for.  These are the families that need assistance with rent, medical bills, utility payments and other things.

Our goal is to receive an application and send a financial grant within 2 weeks.  Each application is reviewed, jobs and income are verified and doctors and social workers are contacted to verify the need.  We don’t ever want to hold a needy family up because funding is an issue.

Will you help us do more for these families?  Your donation of any amount can translate into hope for a family in crisis.  You can donate through our secure portal by visiting

You may want to participate in our Do More Challenge.  By signing up to donate every month, you are allowing us to budget based on guaranteed donations.  Maybe you can pack your lunch for work one day each month and donate that $10.  Or, make dinner at home for your family and give that $50 each month.

We know that God can take any size gift and multiply it for us to help these families.

Thanks for doing more!
*Names have been changed for privacy purposes.

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