Introducing Rheana

We are in the middle of a fundraiser show with Origami Owl.  If you aren’t familiar with Origami Owl jewelry, they are the makers of lockets that hold charms.  We have used these lockets at The Do More Foundation.  Because of a past fundraiser we had, we were able to get several of these lockets.  When we are contacted by a mom that has lost a child, we often send this keepsake along with the assistance for funeral expenses.

I want to introduce you to 17-year-old Rheana.  Rheana lives in South Florida and her mom recently contacted TDMF for assistance.

Instead of starting her senior year, she will be adjusting to being home after a three month stay in a local children’s hospital. Rheana was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 4 and has battled it since then. Today, the tumor has grown back and is causing many health problems. When you purchase jewelry through this Origami Owl fundraiser, you are allowing TDMF to receive 30% of the sales. Those funds allow us to help kids like Rheanna. Because she is local, I will get to meet her today to drop off a backpack full of things for her and hand her mom a check to help with the household expenses she has fallen behind on while caring for Rheana over the last three months.

You can participate in the fundraiser by ordering jewelry:

You can also help us give assistance to families like Rheana’s by donating online:

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