One Year Anniversary

One year ago, my husband and I finally said yes to the prompting of the Lord and started The Do More Foundation.  Since then, we have had the opportunity to help over 40 families.  Some of these families are dealing with a child that has severe medical conditions.  Some of these families were searching for ways to pay for funeral costs for their child that passed away.  All of these families have been dealing with something they probably never expected to encounter.

That is how our family felt when our fifth child, Tyler was a stillborn after a normal pregnancy.  That is also how we felt when a simple phone call from a doctor changed our lives forever.  We were told our daughter was discovered to have a rare congenital birth defect.

Each time an application comes in from a family walking a journey we can identify with, we are reminded of how we felt in those early days.  We feel so fortunate that we are now able to help with a variety of needs these families have.

It’s amazing what happens when you say yes!

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