September Newsletter – Transparency

Here at the Do More Foundation we take extra care to keep our fundraising exciting and engaging. I mean, really… who wants to participate in a boring fundraiser?? Not us! We like them lively, fun, and not like the average fundraiser. Because we do things this way, we have several innovative ways to engage with our fundraising partners. We love to keep everyone up-to-date about our upcoming and ongoing events, which is why we made this quarter’s Do More News newsletter the Fundraising Edition.

In this quarter’s Fundraising Edition, we don’t just tell you about the fun ways we fund raise or how you can donate money; we also take the time to account for what we do with the funds we receive. We explain how we break down the funds and dedicate them to our Do More kids as well as our staffing breakdown. Transparency and respect. That’s what we aim for when engaging with our donors – new and old!

Read it: Here.

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